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Key Features of iMRV Tool

Key Features of National Carbon (ITMOs) Registry

The national carbon registry support in implementation and operationalizing the guidance on cooperative approaches referred to in Article 6, paragraph 2, of the Paris Agreement and in decision 2/CMA.3. It's a national database and the centralized accounting and reporting platform for Article 6, implementation of the cooperative approach and ITMO tracking in Vanuatu including accurate accounting of the issuance, holding, transfer, acquisition, and cancellation of ITMOs (Serialized units).

The national registry includes a national database for issuance and tracking for authorization for ITMOs Projects, including authorization of ITMOs towards use(for NDC and OIMP first transfer), authorization of a cooperative approach and entities. ITMOs Transactions and Records (Electronic Registry for Issuance, Transaction, Cancellations etc.)

Domestic and International Platforms for Carbon Transaction, Integration with Other National/International Carbon Registry and support prefilling Agreed Electronic Format (AEF) or provision of the information necessary for annual reporting as per enhanced transparency framework (ETF) reporting tools. 

 National Carbon (ITMOs) Registry for Project Registration, Issuance, Transfer and Settlement, and Corresponding Adjustment

Country Experiences on Digital MRV (iMRV Tool) & National Carbon (ITMOs) Registry

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