integrated Monitoring, Reporting and Verification tool (imrv Tool)

Moving Towards the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) With Integrated Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (iMRV) Tool

National GHG Inventory

Mitigation Actions MRV

Adaptation Action MRV

Climate Finance MRV

Key Features of iMRV Tool

  • First of kind initiative to integrate most of the domestic and international climate action monitoring, tracking, and reporting requirements of developing countries, SIDS, and LDCs.

  • An initiative to engage and align all Government agencies, Development partners, MDIs, and NGOs towards evidence-based decisions and data insights reporting.

  • Customizable to adapted country-specific tracking, monitoring, and reporting of data most critical to them.

  • Fully customizable cloud-based open-source dashboard; customizable reporting table formats, exported to excel and PDF.

  • Extended to integrate with existing or new Domestic/Regional/International Market based mechanisms (MBMs) and Result Based Framework.

Design, and Operational Structure of iMRV Tool

iMRV Tool Design Structure

IMRV Tool Operational Structure

Country Experiences on iMRV Tool

Kenya’s iMRV Tool

South Sudan's iMRV Tool

Gambia's iMRV Tool

Uganda's iMRV Tool

Vanuatu's iMRV Tool