Neo Climate Solutions PVT LTD

Climate Change, Carbon Market, Environmental and Energy Advisory Services

Core Competencies

Neo Climate provides high-quality climate change and energy advisory services including activities related to policy development, project identification studies, program management, training and capacity building, technology transfer, and market research and analysis. Neo Climate works with a team of professionals including specialists from the field of energy and climate change; rural development specialists and economic experts, offering a wide range of expertise and experience covering entire of renewable energy; low carbon technologies, and climate change mitigation. Neo Climate also supports the development and implementation of several climate change mitigation projects in the Pacific region including sustainable energy technologies; including wind; hydro, biomass, Solar PV, and methane capture and utilization.

Climate Change

Integrated Monitoring Reporting and Verification (iMRV) Tool

Integrated MRV Tool helps to facilitate the operationalization of specific provisions in countries Climate Change Act, National Climate Change Action Plan, and MRV provisions under the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement. Neo Climate supports the design and development of an effective, implementable, and robust National MRV system in the form of Integrated MRV Tool for all the GHG sectors and NDC climate change actions (Mitigation and Adaptation) in Africa and Pacific Island Countries. This includes training and capacity building of the stakeholders to make the usage of tools more efficient within the country’s existing monitoring, reporting and verification practices.

Key activities –

· Analyze country’s existing MRV framework under National Communications (NCs), BUR’s/BTR’s

· Gap analysis of country’s existing MRV Mechanism w.r.t development of national MRV system.

· Development of an overall strategy and recommendation on national MRV system design

· Stakeholder consultations, data gathering and Inter-linked MRV matrix development

· Design and develop national MRV framework and database

National GHG Inventory and GHG Accounting

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals estimation is a crucial element to achieve the objective of stabilizing the greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere that would avoid the dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. Neo Climate provides support to governments of Pacific Island Countries in developing high-quality GHG inventory including activities related to training and capacity building of the stakeholders from different line ministries and sectors for preparation of National GHG inventory as per IPCC guidelines for reporting as National Inventory Report (NIR) under the National Communications and BURs/BTRs to UNFCCC.

Key activities –

· Comprehensive review of the previous National GHG Inventory

· Identify gaps and the existing key source categories for respective sectors.

· Hold stakeholder meetings and training programs to introduce IPCC methodologies

· Data collection and surveys from different stakeholders to compile data and information required for calculation.

· Undertake GHG emissions calculation from different sectors as per IPCC Guidelines for the defined period

· Deliver National Inventory Report as per formal reporting requirements under the NCs, BURs/BTRs.

GHG Mitigation Projects

One of the most significant responses to climate change is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which plays a central role in the implementation of Carbon and Climate commitments. Neo Climate has proficiency in the deployment of GHG mitigation projects across all major and emerging technologies, such as Solar (PV and thermal), wind including experience in implementing both grid-connected and off-grid projects. Our expertise is not only restricted to these but also extends to biomass, bio-gas, small-hydro, waste-to-energy, geothermal, and biofuels. We help our clients around the world to grow their business more sustainably, save money, make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of society and make the planet a better place.

Key Services –

· Resource assessment

· Feasibility studies,

· Design & detailed engineering,

· Construction management, O&M consulting,

· Performance assessment

· Technical due diligence services for developers, investors & lenders, and EPC contractors.

Energy and Renewables

Energy cost reduction

Energy sector is responsible for contributing for almost three-quarters of global emissions. Governments, businesses, and industries across the world are taking bold actions towards tackling the challenge of global climate change and air pollution by becoming more energy efficient. NCS delivers top notch energy audit services, which help industries and organizations in their endeavors to achieve energy efficiency and reduced consumption across different sectors. Our activities involve conducting an inventory and measuring energy use, analyzing energy bills, benchmark, analyzing energy use patterns, identification of potential for savings from cost centers, conducting cost-benefit analysis, preparing energy audit reports, and undertaking post-audit activities to provide a framework for continues improvement in energy use.

Key Benefits –

· Reduced energy bills

· Increased productivity

· Adherence to regulatory compliance

· Reduced GHG and other emissions

· Conservation of natural resources

· Reduced maintenance cost

· Market recognition and enhanced competitiveness

Water Audit

Growing population, rapid urbanization, and growth in economies have caused per capita availability of water to diminish at an alarming pace. Along with it industrial water consumption and unabated discharge are further aggravating the risk of global water crises. To combat this problem together and make sustainable use of this precious natural resource, it is essential to have an effective water audit in place. NCS delivers high-quality water audit services that can help to achieve greater water efficiency solutions; reduce the production cost; cost savings for meeting internal policies; comply with legal obligations demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and increase market competitiveness.

Key Activities –

· Preliminary water survey (PWS) and Detailed water audit

· Extensive water mapping and water balances

· Assessment of water quality load and discharge

· Performance assessment of pumps

· Suggestion for water conservation based on 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) principle.

· Flow analysis and Leakage detection

· Recommendation and identification of strategies for water conservation and with cost-benefit analysis.

· Organizing training program for sensitizing and raising awareness amongst plant operators, employees, and facility managers.

Carbon Markets (Voluntary and Compliance)

Reducing emissions and decarbonizing economies is the need of the hour, technology required to do so is not always available and viable. Offsetting carbon emissions is one instrumental way of achieving this objective. Carbon offsetting broadly refers to the reduction in GHG emissions – or an increase in carbon storage (e.g., through the restoration of land or the planting of trees) – that is used to compensate for emissions that occur elsewhere. NCS help companies and individuals to become environmentally responsible/proactive by buying the carbon offsets generated from certified activities/projects that mitigate emission and enhance community development, restore forests, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Key Activities –

· Assists in identifying areas for emissions reductions and steps needed to reduce current negative environmental impact

· Quantify all emissions (including those which are to be offset) and target hotspots for change

· Offset the emissions with projects certified by recognized certification standards such as Verra Verified Carbon Standard, the Gold Standard through bilateral agreement